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Album Notes
Influenced by folk, pop and jazz, bassist/vocalist Maggie Hasspacher recorded this first solo singer/songwriter album in Los Angeles with producer Mark Rusch at Rock Star Studios in Chinatown 2013-2014. The compilation features original tunes, poetry by Toronto-based poet Katherine Leyton, and covers of artists like Astrid Williamson, Andrew Kraztat and Woody Guthrie. Hasspacher arranged the title track “We Shall Overcome” while teaching at an in inner-city school in Detroit in 2013 and has set it to photographs of Detroit by Brazilian artist Neca Dantas in a slideshow soon to come on Youtube. Guest artists include Amy Bormet (founder of Washington Women in Jazz Festival) and Terry de Castro (The Wedding Present). Hasspacher performed parts of the album on KPCC Los Angeles’ show called The Global Village and WLRN Maimi’s Folk and Acoustic Show. 

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