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“An elegiac cover of the punk band Misfits’ ‘Where Eagles Dare’ featured Maggie Hasspacher playing double bass as she also sang ethereally, evoking West Coast lo-fi.”

“There was attitude. There was intonation too (what punk band tunes before every song?). Rountree sang, as did bassist Maggie Hasspacher with particular charm.”  – L.A. Times

Maggie Hasspacher is a bassist/vocalist in the Detroit area and recently graduated with her doctorate from the University of Michigan. She performs as a member of wild Up, a new music group she helped found in Los Angeles, and with AMMADuo, a classical/jazz/Americana-inspired group which she co-founded with Amy K. Bormet, a composer/jazz pianist/vocalist. This summer 2017 she will return to Switzerland as a three-time member of the Lucerne Festival Academy and premiere a new opera by Julia Holter with wild Up at National Sawdust in Brooklyn, NY. Last summer she premiered Anatomy Theater, a new opera by David Lang, with wild Up at REDCAT in the Walt Disney Concert Hall, which opened to positive reviews and sold out all five shows. AMMADuo performs frequently across the country, mainly in Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Detroit, and was featured in the Washington Women in Jazz Festival Summer Concert Series at Bob Harper Books. She won awards to study classical bass in Vienna in 2012-13 and recently recorded and released her first solo singer/songwriter album We Shall Overcome. She sang on soundtracks for the History Channel and PBS, gave solo performances live on the radio for KPCC Los Angeles and WLRN Miami, has been guest artist twice at the O, Miami Poetry Festival and performed a solo show at the Lucerne Festival this past summer in Switzerland. She currently holds a tenured bass position with the Flint Symphony and watches many dog videos on the internet.

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